New efficient AI chip may lead to ‘Internet of Things’

MIT scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a new highly efficient chip that may enable mobile devices to run powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, and help usher in the “Internet of things”.Neural networks, large virtual networks of simple information-processing units, which are loosely modelled on the anatomy of the human brain are typically implemented using graphics processing units (GPUs), special-purpose graphics chips found in all computing devices with screens.A mobile GPU, of the type found in a cell phone, might have almost 200 cores, or processing units, making it well suited to simulating a network of distributed processors.Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including Tushar Krishna, designed a new chip specifically to implement neural networks.It is 10 times as efficient as a mobile GPU, so it could enable mobile…

Link to Full Article: New efficient AI chip may lead to ‘Internet of Things’

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