New Intelligence Report: AI and Smart Cars Could Make Us Vulnerable

Advances in “smart” appliances and artificial technology pose new risks to America’s cybersecurity, according to a new report assessing threats to U.S national security, which James R. Clapper presented Tuesday to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The very first threat identified in the report is the potential chink in American infrastructure posed by the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) — a term used to describe the proliferation of consumer devices and appliances that are networked, whether it’s smart cars or smart toasters. The report begins: “Smart” devices incorporated into the electric grid, vehicles—including autonomous vehicles—and household appliances are improving efficiency, energy conservation, and convenience. However, security industry analysts have demonstrated that many of these new systems can threaten data privacy, data integrity, or continuity of services. In the future, intelligence…

Link to Full Article: New Intelligence Report: AI and Smart Cars Could Make Us Vulnerable

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