New ‘Machine Unlearning’ Technique Wipes Out Unwanted Data

Machine learning systems are everywhere. Computer software in these machines predict the weather, forecast earthquakes, provide recommendations based on the books and movies we like and, even, apply the brakes on our cars when we are not paying attention. To do this, computer systems are programmed to find predictive relationships calculated from the massive amounts of data we supply to them. Machine learning systems use advanced algorithms—a set of rules for solving math problems—to identify these predictive relationships using “training data.” This data is then used to construct the models and features within a system that enables it to correctly predict your desire to read the latest best-seller, or the likelihood of rain next week. This intricate learning process means that a piece of raw data often goes through a series of…

Link to Full Article: New ‘Machine Unlearning’ Technique Wipes Out Unwanted Data

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