Nielsen acquires consumer neuroscience company, Innerscope Research

MUMBAI: Nielsen has successfully closed its acquisition of Innerscope Research, a leader in integrated consumer neuroscience, combining biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics.

With this acquisition, Nielsen has become the world’s largest consumer neuroscience company. The move will also have huge implications for marketers in India since the tools that Innerscope Research provides, will go a long way in overcoming the language and articulation barriers that limit responses gathered through traditional methods, says a release.

“With the acquisition, Nielsen will provide clients with even more advanced technologies — leveraging consumer neuroscience to deliver non-conscious measures of consumer response that will help clients further understand the nature and depth of connections in order to make better business decisions. These non-conscious research methodologies are now capable of extending beyond the laboratory environment, given Innerscope’s expertise and capabilities,” said Adrian Terron, senior vice-president, Nielsen India.

The unique and unparalleled insights gained from these combined technologies will empower clients to make even more informed and strategic business decisions with greater confidence and greater return on investment.

“There are huge implications for marketers here since India is a country where language and language ability continues to be a big barrier. And not just the language barrier but also education and articulation barriers that severely limit the extent of the insights that you can gain from a respondent using traditional methods. But using Innerscope and the rest of the consumer neuroscience tools, we can study the sub-conscious mind of the respondent.

Variables like language, education levels, social economic status etc., cease to become impeding factors,” said Gayathri Swahar, director Nielsen Neuro, India.

The acquisition of Innerscope has also lent portability to consumer neuroscience studies, opening up the possibility of going to the hinterlands and carry out studies in rural India.

Source: Nielsen acquires consumer neuroscience company, Innerscope Research

Via: Google Alert for Neuroscience

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