No, Robots & AI Aren’t Taking Over the World (Anytime Soon, Anyway)

The fear of technology replacing humans is a popular fiction theme with historic roots. In the 1770s, an English weaver named Ned Ludd smashed two knitting frames after he was whipped for being idle. A quarter-century later, workers calling themselves “Luddites” routinely broke mechanical looms they feared would displace them. More recently, anxiety about artificial intelligence taking over decision-making tasks has become a point of discussion in the popular press. READ  Public or private cloud? Debunking Technology Takeover Myths It’s hard to resist news stories about technology taking over our jobs. Artificial intelligence is the latest target for our fear that something non-human will take over the world. Luminaries such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are among those who have recently warned that AI can run amok if we…

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