No Winners In First Winograd Schema Contest

Results of the first ever Winograd Schema Challenge were unveiled recently at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-2016). The low scores reflect how far there is to go before machines understand human language and commonsense reasoning. As we reported when it was announced in 2014, see A Better Turing Test – Winograd Schemas this new competition was designed to judge whether a computer program has truly modeled human level intelligence. It is seen as an alternative to the Turing Test which has tended to become discredited due to the ploys used by chatbots to avoid answering questions, the latest of which could be to stay silent by pleading the 5th Amendment, see A Flaw In Turing’s Test?  The vehicle proposed by Hector Levesque, Professor of Computer Science for the contest, Winograd Schema…

Link to Full Article: No Winners In First Winograd Schema Contest

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