Oh Good, MIT Made An AI Nightmare Machine

If Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking’s foreboding pronouncements about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence don’t have you spooked enough, MIT has deliberately launched a project that is designed to make AI scary. Or, at least, to make scary images using deep learning. Image: MIT Using a unique deep learning algorithm, researchers have attempted to teach their artificial intelligence what haunted houses and “toxic cities” look like. Then they fed it completely innocuous images of famous landmarks and instructed it to make them look eerie. It’s doing a pretty good job, as far as nailing that cliched haunted look. Why are they doing this? Well for one, they need your help making their AI smarter, and a Halloween tie-in isn’t the worst way to get you to participate. In an effort…

Link to Full Article: Oh Good, MIT Made An AI Nightmare Machine

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