Our Extraterrestrial Neighbors Might’ve Already Had An AI Revolution

Some experts think our first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization would be through alien artificial intelligence. Nobody can say for sure whether there’s intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. We just don’t have enough evidence yet. But our own history could suggest the first signs of our cosmic neighbors might not be little green men at all, but the little green men’s sentient computers. Earthlings are already worrying about the digital singularity, or that moment when our efforts to create artificial intelligence suddenly work and the machines leave us in the intellectual dust. Some researchers suggest any extraterrestrial intelligences we find will have already experienced their own version of the AI revolution. The timespan between radio and AI is very short, on a cosmic scale. Scientists and futurists present scenarios in which a couple centuries after…

Link to Full Article: Our Extraterrestrial Neighbors Might’ve Already Had An AI Revolution

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