Paul Allen’s team of AI experts just nailed the SATs — with a robot

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is investing heavily in artificial intelligence The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence says it has built a machine that can solve geometry questions from the SAT about as well as an average American 11th-grade student.It’s a bigger feat for a computer than you might imagine, and represents a major breakthrough in AI research by the Allen Institute, founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The system, called GeoS, gets about 49 percent of questions right, which extrapolates to about a 500, out of a possible 800, on the SAT’s math test. That’s pretty solid amongst its robot peers and was the average human score in 2015. You can test your own math skills head-to-head against GeoS online here. The demo underscores how even basic concepts required for the test become more challenging when they’re not being interpreted by…

Link to Full Article: Paul Allen’s team of AI experts just nailed the SATs — with a robot

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