Postdoctoral Position in Neuroscience, Bonni Laboratory

Postdoctoral Position in NeuroscienceBonni LaboratoryWashington University in St. Louis A postdoctoral research fellow position is immediatelyavailable in the Bonni laboratory at Washington UniversitySchool of Medicine. The chief goal of our laboratory is toidentify the key principles and mechanisms that govern theassembly and function of neural circuits in the brain and todetermine how deregulation of these fundamental mechanismscontributes to the pathogenesis of intellectual disability andautism spectrum disorders. We employ a diverse array of toolsfrom mouse genetics to genome-wide ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seqstudies and proteomics to in vivo imaging and optogenetics toelectrophysiology and behavior to define the cell-intrinsictranscriptional, epigenetic, and ubiquitin signaling networks thatorchestrate neuronal connectivity in the brain. For backgroundinformation, see the following papers (Kim et al. Cell 2009;Yang et al. Science 2009; Zhang et al. Neuron 2013; Yamada etal. Neuron 2014;…

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