Predictions 2017: CrowdFlower “AI goes mainstream”

For too long the thrust of AI has been to replace humans.  For the last 30 years the media has loved to portray AI as meaning ‘Machines are better than Humans’;  whether it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator or Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina. We think this has incorrectly framed the adoption of AI within businesses.  It has set unrealistic expectations for how AI will perform, as well as created scaremongering about the large scale loss of jobs. A better framing is realizing that Machines and Humans have complementary capabilities. That, yes, while certain automated jobs may be lost, other more interesting jobs will be created.  Machines are great at handling large scale structured computation. Better than humans. But, humans are great at discerning meaning and context. Better than machines. AI is about blending…

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