Predictive Analytics Goes from the Minority to the Majority

Steven Spielberg’s 2002 thriller, Minority Report, centers an entire universe of speculation around fate and predestination. Tom Cruise plays police chief John Anderton, who oversees a department called PreCrime, which uses gifted humans called precogs to predict — with chilling accuracy — who will commit crimes before they actually happen. Everything changes for Anderton when he receives a report that he will murder someone: Cracks in the precog system appear as Anderton goes rogue and tracks down an alternative prediction that he won’t kill anyone at all. We’re now living in Anderton’s dystopian moment. Today corporations in every sector, from finance to education, are using a set of technologies called predictive analytics: Machine learning, big data and related forms of data analysis have given us the power to know more…

Link to Full Article: Predictive Analytics Goes from the Minority to the Majority

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