Preface to Python Data Science Handbook (Early Release)

What Is Data Science? This is a book about doing data science with Python, which immediately begs the question: what is data science? It’s a surprisingly hard definition to nail down, especially given how ubiquitous the term has become. Vocal critics have variously dismissed the term as a superfluous label – after all, what science doesn’t involve data? – or a simple buzzword which only exists to salt resumes and catch the eye of overzealous tech recruiters. In my mind, these dismissals miss something important. Data science, despite its hype-laden veneer, is perhaps the best label we have for the cross-disciplinary set of skills that are becoming increasingly important in many applications across industry and academia. This cross-disciplinary piece is key: in my mind, the best extisting definition of data…

Link to Full Article: Preface to Python Data Science Handbook (Early Release)

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