Problem-solving and IT skills are always relevant

Hands-on learning in computing will not result in overspecialisation, as it gives students tools and techniques for problem solving and prepares them for higher-level work (“Students should not overspecialise” by Mr Kwan Jin Yao, and “Ensure we can ride the wave of productivity” by Mr Ng Chee Siang; both published on Wednesday). While there will always be uncertainty in job opportunities and unemployment concerns, computer science is applied in numerous industries (from finance to transportation). Its problem-solving characteristic makes it relevant for pursuing careers during decades of smart-city transformation. Preparing students for this transformation involves schooling them in a hands-on multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. At the tertiary level, computer science as a subject borrows concepts from various disciplines, among them engineering, linguistics, management science, mathematics, economics, neuroscience, philosophy and…

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