Project ReAnima: A Breakthrough in the field of Neuroscience

Representational Image. Brain scan. Image source: Dr. Bansal hopes to expand the window of when brain death is determined from the current standard of 6 hours He will recruit people who are declared brain dead and have already started the trial  He expects his first subject to arrive as early as this week with chances of him being a victim of a road accident Flanked by a restaurant-cum-bar on one side and a gym on the other, Anupam Hospital is like any other small town private nursing home in India but for one minor detail: Project ReAnima, the world’s first clinical trial on the revival of brain dead patients. A medical marvel if you may call it, but Dr. Himanshu Bansal, an orthopaedician and an expert on ‘central nervous system’, in a…

Link to Full Article: Project ReAnima: A Breakthrough in the field of Neuroscience

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