Quantum-enhanced machine learning. (arXiv:1610.08251v1 [quant-ph])

The emerging field of quantum machine learning has the potential tosubstantially aid in the problems and scope of artificial intelligence. This isonly enhanced by recent successes in the field of classical machine learning.In this work we propose an approach for the systematic treatment of machinelearning, from the perspective of quantum information. Our approach is generaland covers all three main branches of machine learning: supervised,unsupervised and reinforcement learning. While quantum improvements insupervised and unsupervised learning have been reported, reinforcement learninghas received much less attention. Within our approach, we tackle the problem ofquantum enhancements in reinforcement learning as well, and propose asystematic scheme for providing improvements. As an example, we show thatquadratic improvements in learning efficiency, and exponential improvements inperformance over limited time periods, can be obtained for a broad class oflearning…

Link to Full Article: Quantum-enhanced machine learning. (arXiv:1610.08251v1 [quant-ph])

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