Real ‘audience first’ vision starts from the inside out

Opinion Agencies must investigate ways of connecting that are “audience first” not “brand first”, writes Neil Davidson, the managing director and partner at HeyHuman. Agencies are living in the age of the audience. It’s easy to say. It’s also easy to find an array of impressive statistics to back up this statement. What isn’t so easy to talk about is what agencies should do about it, and how they can begin to think about connecting in ways that are “audience first” not “brand first”. Gimmicky solutions are usually the first resort – crowdsourcing, anyone? Then comes the qualitative research and workshops aimed at changing agency mind-sets and putting ourselves in the shoes of our audience. Some of this is new, some of this is just good old-fashioned marketing, but none of…

Link to Full Article: Real ‘audience first’ vision starts from the inside out

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