Researchers Identify Intelligence Gene Networks

A group of scientists led by Imperial College London researcher Michael Johnson has identified two ‘gene networks’ associated with human cognitive abilities. Heatmap of gradient of expression of M1 and M3 spanning fetal development to late adulthood and in topographically distinct cortical regions: A1C – auditory cortex; AMY – amygdala; CBC – cerebellar cortex; DFC – dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; HIP – hippocampus; IPC – posterior inferior parietal cortex; ITC – inferior temporal cortex; M1C – primary motor cortex; MD – mediodorsal nucleus of thalamus; MFC – medial prefrontal cortex; OFC – orbital prefrontal cortex; S1C – primary somatosensory cortex; STC – superior temporal cortex; STR – striatum; V1C – primary visual cortex; VFC – ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. Image credit: Michael R. Johnson et al, doi: 10.1038/nn.4205. The newly identified gene-regulatory…

Link to Full Article: Researchers Identify Intelligence Gene Networks

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