Researchers working on teaching self doubt, judgement to robots

The definitive next step towards advancement of robots and artificial intelligence. Robotics and automation have steadily evolved over time, creating automated beings capable of executing superior tasks without supervision. We’ve built robots with biodegradable skin, superior vision units, bipedal stability, camouflaging and many other capabilities, but one aspect that has remained noticeably missing is to impart sentiments, feelings and a sense of apprehension and judgement to automated artificial beings. It is exactly this that researchers at the Carnegie Mellon have been working on, and their latest paper elucidates on how robots may also one day be given a sense of what to avoid, and what to embrace. This particular notion, which plays a crucial role in saving us humans from many unfortunate circumstances, is self doubt. A play of motor neurons…

Link to Full Article: Researchers working on teaching self doubt, judgement to robots

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