Review: An AI experiment goes wrong in uneven ‘Morgan’

It’s not really fair to compare father and son, but Ridley Scott’s progeny, Luke Scott, takes on themes similar to those his father has tackled in “Morgan,” his feature directorial debut.Seth W. Owen’s script, which contemplates the emotional boundaries and consequences of artificial intelligence, landed on Hollywood’s 2014 list of best unproduced screenplays. With Scott, it has found the right filmmaker and yes, the right family legacy.In Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner,” Deckard (Harrison Ford) was compelled by the state to hunt for replicants, but in “Morgan,” artificial intelligence is a privatized affair. Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), a corporate troubleshooter, is dispatched to a remote wooded lab facility to check on the status of one of her company’s assets, a young girl known as Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) to her ad-hoc family…

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