Robotic Automation Meets Agriculture

Robotic automation is the future of production technology. As a result, it makes sense to explore how our robo-friends can help feed our growing population of over 7 billion people. Thankfully, Panasonic and Bosch subsidiary Deepfield Robotics are working together to produce farming robots to take over the more laborious and menial tasks in the farming industry. Deepfield Robotics’ Bonirob Farms Carrots by Itself Bosch subsidiary Deepfield Robotics is in late development and research stages for their Bonirob farm-bot. The Bonirob farming robot. Designed to work outdoors, the compact-car-sized robot can perform weed removal, manage plant breeding and perform other laborious tasks in the farming industry. Using machine learning algorithms, researchers and engineers are training Bonirob to identify the target crop as distinct from invasive plants by using pictures of weeds and…

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