Robots Might Soon Be Writing ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books

Interactive fiction writing is a pretty niche market, but it’s one that we can’t seem to get enough of. Imagine how many more hours of Choose Your Own Adventure-style entertainment our kids could get lost in, if we could just build robots to write these stories. Guess what? We can. That’s right: Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are hard at work on an artificial intelligence program that can build interactive fiction — a la Choose Your Own Adventure and Twine — by reading stories written by humans and studying their narrative structures. Dubbed “Scheherazade-IF” (interactive fiction) after the fabled Arabic storyteller, the AI is able to create interactive fiction that a group of (human) readers found both coherent and engaging. To train Scheherazade, the researchers had the bot…

Link to Full Article: Robots Might Soon Be Writing ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books

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