Sarah Austin Compares AI Development To Anime, Asimov

Our fascination with robot companionship has spanned the pages of novels, comics, legendary film scripts, and thesis reports for decades. Humanity seems to be racing toward coexisting with artificial beings, but for some, there’s a bit of worry or the stability of an autopilot system, there will always be naysayers to warn society of the dangers that come with artificial intelligence. Enter Sarah Austin, long-time tech journalist and producer turned internet famous speaker. Her years of dedication to marketing and mingling within the world of tech and science have led her to launch Broad Listening, which uses an emotional intelligence engine to help businesses hire within the world of Human Resources. A positronic brain is a neural network. This means the algorithm cannot be seen. Ultron in the Avengers is…

Link to Full Article: Sarah Austin Compares AI Development To Anime, Asimov

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