Science Explains Why Even The Best Athletes Mess Up

Steph Curry, whose historic season could result in his second straight league MVP trophy, can still miss a three-point shot. It’s part of what makes basketball worth watching: even the world’s greatest athletes are never above fumbles, misses and human errors lends sports a certain drama. But now, in a new study in the journal Neuron neuroscientists may have finally figured out why that drama exists—that is, why our brains never become entirely proficient at a task even after thousands of reps. “Understanding the noise in the nervous system and how it can work to cause inaccuracies in movement is a critical step in understanding how we move,” said Stephen Lisberger, neurobiologist at Duke University School of Medicine and coauthor on the study, in a press statement. “Inaccuracies in movement,” of course, being the cold,…

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