Scientists Develop Algorithm to Better Detect Pedestrians

After almost a decade of work, researchers at UCSD created an algorithm that can detect pedestrians in near real-time. The algorithm is able to capture images at a rate of about two to four frames per second and achieves a higher level of accuracy than any existing algorithms. UCSD professor and lead researcher Nuno Vasconcelos told the UCSD Guardian that his goal is to create an algorithm that allows computers to process scenes as well as humans. “Currently, the solution only applies to the detection of  a single class of objects, like pedestrians,” Vasconcelos said. “We are working on extensions that will detect multiple object-classes (say pedestrians and vehicles) simultaneously.” According to a Feb. 8 press release, the algorithm achieves its speed and accuracy by breaking up the object detection…

Link to Full Article: Scientists Develop Algorithm to Better Detect Pedestrians

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