Scientists Move One Step Closer To Making an Artificial Human Brain

Mimicking Humans Computers that work like the human brain are seen as one of the most promising ways we can achieve actual artificial intelligence. To create that, scientists are currently tapping the power of memristors, electrical components with surprising qualities. Researchers have come another step closer to realizing the true potential of memristors. A team led by the University of Southampton has demonstrated that these electrical components can power an actual neural network. Image credit: University of Southampton Memristors are components with the surprising ability to remember their previous resistance, even if the device has been turned off. They shown properties of real synapses, capable of memory storage, on-line learning, computationally powerful learning rule implementation, and a two-terminal structure. Now, the research has shown that memristors can act as multi-state synapses.…

Link to Full Article: Scientists Move One Step Closer To Making an Artificial Human Brain

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