Scientists on Verge of Developing Emotional Computer – Researchers

An intellectual agent called Virtual Actor that has both narrative and emotional intellect will be developed at the NRNU MEPhI within the next year and a half, Alexei Samsonovich, professor of George Mason University, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study and NRNU MEPhI Cybernetics Department, told RIA Novosti’s Yulia Osipova. MEPhI has received a grant to study biologically substantiated cognitive system models (2015-2017). Does this involve the development of artificial intelligence? Prof. Alexei Samsonovich: That’s right. Our principal goal is to formulate the basic principles that natural intelligence in the human brain is built upon. Biological solutions are in many respects superior to artificial solutions in terms of their adaptability, learning ability, resistance to unexpected interventions, and so on, and we would like to model these principles on the computer. There are a lot of approaches and a lot of scientists are racking their brains over this. There is…

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