Scientists teach computers how to learn like humans

For artificial intelligence and smart machines to really take off, computers are going to have to think more like people, according to experts in the field.Now, US scientists have created a computer model, or algorithm, that captures the unique human ability to grasp new concepts in a study that involved learning unfamiliar handwritten alphabet characters.The algorithm enabled computers to recognise and draw simple symbols that were indistinguishable from those created by humans.The study, reported in the journal Science, is a “significant advance” in the field of artificial intelligence, the scientists said. Replicating [human learning] abilities is an exciting area of research connecting machine learning, statistics, computer vision, and cognitive science. Professor Ruslan Salakhutdinov  This work, as well as research like it, will help scientists better understand human learning and develop…

Link to Full Article: Scientists teach computers how to learn like humans

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