SD Times Blog: Machine learning is the new SOA

It seems almost comical to think that artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming, or rather have become, full-blown buzzwords. First of all, according to the annals of science fiction literature, we should have already invented a smarter-than-human AI by now, and according to “Terminator,” we’re 19 years overdue for a giant, AI-based nuclear annihilation of the human race. 1997 was the year pegged in the Terminator series, the year Skynet took over and decided humans were no longer of use. I prefer the 1970 movie, “Colossus: The Forbin Project,” a film that does not appreciate the premise that the United States could, alone, create a computer smart enough to take over the world. Colossus, you see, required the help of its Soviet counterpart. (Related: Google builds a chip for…

Link to Full Article: SD Times Blog: Machine learning is the new SOA

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