Seed Benchmark – data.table in R

#Getting Started With the Seed Benchmark #Ver 0.1 library(data.table) #Read Files——- tourneySeeds <- fread(“../input/TourneySeeds.csv”) sampleSubmission <- fread(“../input/SampleSubmission.csv”) #Define a function that extracts the seeds and divisions separately getSeedDivision <- function(seedsInfo){ #Seed & Division #This function gets the seed and division of a team in a given season #Input class == “numeric” corresponding to the season of the tournament and the team unique ID #Returns class == “character” corresponding to the seed in that season and the division assigned in the tourney #seedsInfo <- tourneySeeds[1] #here for debugging seasonFromData <- seedsInfo[[“Season”]] seedAndDivision <- seedsInfo[[“Seed”]] teamFromData <- seedsInfo[[“Team”]] seedTeam <- gsub(pattern = “[A-Z+a-z]”, replacement = “”, x = seedAndDivision) divisionTeam <- gsub(pattern = “[0-9]”, replacement = “”, x = seedAndDivision) #clean the extra letters divisionTeam <- gsub(pattern = “[a-z]”, replacement = “”,…

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