Senior Momentum – March 2016 – Zoë Tummillo

AI, Robotics and Inter-Disciplinary Learning…Huh? Do you sometimes wonder what in blazes is going on? Do the contemporary pundits really believe that the above “developmental concepts” are something new?  I can change my outfit with the seasons, my mood or for some special occasion… but it’s still me under the cotton or sequins. Artificial intelligence is my personal favorite of the many delightful snow jobs being discussed in the hushed tones reserved for awesome revelations by folks believing they have found something breathtaking and new! (Remember “emotional intelligence?” It also had a big 15 minutes’ puff of excitement a few years back. )  Under its skin, that concept of the hour seems to me to be just another oxymoron! My 4” spine, Webster’s Unabridged International Dictionary defines oxymoron as: “…pointedly foolish;…

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