Seoul artificial intelligence push faces skeptics

SEOUL — More than 2 million viewers tuned into a Go match series broadcast live from South Korea on YouTube in March. For the first time, global attention was focused on the ancient Chinese board game as Lee Se-dol, one of the world’s top players, took on an artificial intelligence program named AlphaGo — created by Deep Mind, Google’s appropriately named AI research team. AlphaGo won 4-1, despite excited cheering from Lee’s fans.      Interest in AI has spiked in South Korea in recent months. The administration of President Park Geun-hye has announced that it will invest 1 trillion South Korean won ($866 million) over the next five years to develop AI technologies through joint private-public projects. Demis Hassabis, the CEO of DeepMind Technologies and developer of AlphaGO, and…

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