Sex robots to become a reality

She’s the perfect woman: 34-24-34, compliant and agreeable, an enjoyable conversationalist and lacking any traits that could be considered a flaw — including rejection.That’s because she’s a machine.Robots designed to satisfy sexual desires are close to transcending fantasy to become reality thanks to rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, computing that allows machines to mimic human affects and high-tech sensors and materials.The technology has so far yet to cross the “uncanny valley” — the wide gulf from creepy to sexy sparked by almost-but-not-quite real humanoid robots.They’re essentially rubber bodies with motors and some software; more like the love doll Bianca from Lars and The Real Girl than emotionally intelligent gynoid Ava from Ex Machina.But sex robots are already raising ethical, legal and moral questions of consent, sexism, human biases and what…

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