Since you asked: Awkward questions on AI

Is artificial intelligence really something to worry about, writes Izabella Kaminska ©Getty Robot restaurant in Suzhou, China “Silicon Valley in move to keep AI safe ”Financial Times, December 12 Is artificial intelligence really something we should be worrying about? More On this topic IN Columnists Well, you know what they say about AI. . . No — what? That scientists have been claiming artificial intelligence is 40 years away for about 40 years already. Right. So why all the fuss? High-profile entrepreneurs and scientists have been sounding the alarm about the existential risk artificial intelligence poses to humanity. Elon Musk, the crusader behind electric-car company Tesla, tweeted last year that artificial intelligence was “potentially more dangerous than nukes”. And the physicist, Stephen Hawking, has warned that the “development of full artificial intelligence…

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