Solving Ad Hoc Query Challenges with Apache Drill

Despite the increasing focus on offering more access to more users in organizations, ad hoc querying of big data remains a problem for most, according to Jair Aguirre, lead data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, who presented a session at Data Summit 2016 titled “De-Siloing Data Using Apache Drill.”Many studies have shown that data scientists spend 50–90% of their time gathering and preparing data. The problem keeps repeating itself, said Aguirre, who explained that the recurring theme is that people can’t get data in various formats and various locations, making querying a major challenge.If you are a CIO or CTO you want your data scientists writing algorithms not getting data from here to there. It’s a cliché to even talk about data volumes nowadays. At every conference, the speaker presents…

Link to Full Article: Solving Ad Hoc Query Challenges with Apache Drill

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