Sorry, R2-D2: Computers Aren’t Replacing Fighter Pilots

Score one for the combat geeks, after the news broke this week that a computer defeated a human fighter pilot in a virtual dogfight. For years, there has been a debate between those who sees drones as the inevitable future of air combat, and those who insist that a human must always be in the cockpit. But the drone crowd received a boost after researchers devised an artificial intelligence, or AI, that bested a human pilot in aerial combat. Sound too good to be true? The problem with designing a combat AI is that are so many variables to consider in combat, and those variables are so broad that the computer becomes overloaded. So scientists at software firm Psibernetix, the University of Cincinnati and the Air Force Research Laboratory devised…

Link to Full Article: Sorry, R2-D2: Computers Aren’t Replacing Fighter Pilots

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