‘Star Wars’ and Slavery: A Quandary Awakens

If you’re opposed to slavery, is it OK to still like “Star Wars”? It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with ever since Jonathan Last, a friend and writer at the Weekly Standard, pointed out to me that the “droids” in the “Star Wars” movies are slaves. Unlike a lot of the ridiculous “Star Wars” revisionism in recent years — much of it ushered in by Last himself when he argued that Darth Vader & Co. are in fact the good guys — Last’s case that droids are slaves strikes me as nearly incontrovertible. I’d hoped to be persuaded otherwise when I went to see the “The Force Awakens.” No such luck. C-3P0 and R2-D2, as well as newcomer BB-8, are all sentient beings. They’d not only ace the Turing test…

Link to Full Article: ‘Star Wars’ and Slavery: A Quandary Awakens

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