Startup Spotlight: Deep Instinct’s AI-Driven Threat Detection

Startup uses artificial intelligence to fight APTs, zero day attacks and other advanced threats. Dr. Eli David used to conduct an experiment with students in his AI neural networks and evolutionary computation classes by randomly throwing a pen at a student without warning. “I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years. In nine out of 10 cases, the student managed to just grab the pen in the air; there was one unfortunate incident,” said David, who is now the CTO of enterprise security firm Deep Instinct. “Then I tell them you didn’t have time to calculate the trajectory of the pen; it’s too complicated. But your brain has already trained on that kind of motion by having things thrown at you throughout your life, so your brain reacted just…

Link to Full Article: Startup Spotlight: Deep Instinct’s AI-Driven Threat Detection

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