Steve Wozniak: Computers Won’t Be Smarter than People

While some technologists foresee an apocalypse in the fast-growing capacities of artificial intelligence,  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks we should go with the flow. “We won’t get computers to be smarter than people,” he told Recode senior editor Ina Fried on stage at Salesforce’s TrailheaDX conference Wednesday. “Because we’re at the end of Moore’s law,” the idea that the number of components in integrated circuits doubles every year. The concept is also described in terms of computer processing power multiplying exponentially over time. Wozniak said, however, that he imagines a time when more and more artificially intelligent products like robots pass the Turing test, in which a human is unable to tell whether a fellow human or a computer is on the other end of a conversation. As for when AI becomes dangerous or capable…

Link to Full Article: Steve Wozniak: Computers Won’t Be Smarter than People

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