Supplemental Materials

Figure 1 Behavioral deficits in Syn1-Cre+/Kras12V/+(SK) mice. (A) Passive avoidance test. SK mice had a severe memory impairment at both 1h (One-way ANOVA, F3,82=3.718, p=0.015; post hoc analysis, WT vs SK: p=0.017, WT vs KR: p=1, WT vs SC: p=1) and 24h post-training (One-way ANOVA, F3,82=2.938, p=0.038; post hoc analysis, WT vs SK: p=0.048, WT vs KR: p=1, WT vs SC: p=1). n= 27(SC), 15(KR), 26(WT), 18(SK). (B) Morris Water maze (MWM). All four genotypes learned to find the platform (One-way ANOVA for repeated measures, SK: F11,110=3.956, p=0.008; WT: F11,132=18.474, p<0.0001; KR: F11,99=17.195, p<0.0001; SC: F11,77=3.836, p=0.018), but SK mice performed significantly worse (Two-way ANOVA for repeated measures, Genotype effect: F3,38=14.029, p<0.0001; post hoc analysis, WT vs SK: p<0.0001, WT vs KR: p=1, WT vs SC: p=0.149). n= 8(SC), 10(KR),…

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