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Neuroscience meeting booklet. NATHAN CHAN/THE VARSITY Rowan Stringer, a high school student from Ottawa, got her first concussion on a Friday in 2013. On the following Monday, she got her second concussion, and on the Wednesday, her third. On the following Sunday, these head injuries ended the life of the 17-year-old rugby player. Dr. Charles Tator shared Rowan’s story with the audience members of the 2016 Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN) Public Lectures. As the first of several events, these lectures heralded the 10th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting, a symposium showcasing the top Canadian research in this field.Leading neuroscientists Dr. Margot Taylor, Director of Functional Neuroimaging and Diagnostic Imaging at The Hospital for Sick Children, and Dr. Charles Tator, a neurosurgeon at Toronto Western Hospital, were invited to the Peter…

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