‘The 100’ Season 3 Spoilers: Future of Raven and Wick; will Jaha Help ALIE Kill All Humans?

Raven and Wick in 'The 100'

Raven and Wick in ‘The 100’Facebook/The 100

When “The 100” returns with Season 3 in 2016, the Sky People will face a bigger threat than the Mountain Men and the Grounders — Artificial Intelligence. In Season 2 finale, we saw Jaha run into ALIE, the AI that seems to have triggered the apocalypse, and in Season 3 Wick and Raven will reportedly work together to stop her from doing it again.

Season 2 of “The 100” had ended with Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy (Richard Harman) reaching the City of Lights and each discovering a chilly secret that led to the destruction of mankind. While Murphy saw the video of the man who possibly created ALIE (Erica Cerra) crying in front of the camera that he was the root of all that is going wrong in the world. The confession ended with him killing himself with a gun.

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Jaha, on the other hand, reached a beautiful mansion where he meets a beautiful woman named ALIE. However, after walking through her, Jaha realises that she is in fact an AI. She even thanks Jaha for the “gift” he brought her, referring to the nuclear warhead attached to the missile he used to reach earth.

Jaha could get tricked by ALIE into joining her plan of destroying humanity because he does believe in a greater purpose as he speaks about it every time he gets a chance to. If ALIE could convince him that wiping the slate clean is his purpose, all the Sky People, Grounders and everyone else will be in a huge trouble. ALIE made him feel special in a way that he truly started believing he is. 

However, he will get the assistance of the hottest couple on “The 100” in defeating the apocalypse’s greatest secret. Isaiah Washington has teased at the San Diego Comic Con that there is one character that can handle the level of engineering that is required to defeat the AI.

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“Actually two characters, outside of the artificial intelligence itself. Obviously, Jaha is going to have to try and connect with it to do whatever he needs to do,” he explained. This tease points us towards the mechanic-engineer couple of Camp Jaha, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Wick (Steve Talley).

Wick, who had a love-hate relationship with Raven in the ark, used to save his long lingering looks for her when she is turned around. But after reaching the ground, Raven, who is no longer with Finn (Thomas McDonell), has sex with him and after a lecture from Wick about not locking up her feelings, she decides that she wants him in her life.

In the coming season, we will see this adorable couple working together to save their people. We are looking forward to their banter that will lighten the heavy atmosphere in Camp Jaha following Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) departure.

For regular updates and spoilers on “The 100”, stay tuned to this page.

Article Published: August 20, 2015 20:00 IST

Source: ‘The 100’ Season 3 Spoilers: Future of Raven and Wick; will Jaha Help ALIE Kill All Humans?

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