The m prizefight that’s making history

A computer program called AlphaGo has beaten Lee Sedol, one of the strongest players of the ancient strategy game ‘Go’, in what’s seen as a historic breakthrough in the building of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. AlphaGo clinched the series being played in Seoul by winning three of the five games, astounding experts with its imagination and expertise. Although computers can easily beat humans at chess, Go is a more complex game requiring intuitive understanding, not just brute force computing. Here’s all you wanted to know about the big showdown:’AlphaGo will make the world a better place’Demis Hassabis, vice-president of engineering at Google, and head of Google DeepMind, is the man who led the team that designed AlphaGo. He was a child chess prodigy, won the Pentamind championship at the Mind…

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