The 3 Essential Skill Areas of Data Science

by Angela Guess Bob Hayes recently wrote in Business2Community, “Gil Press offers an excellent summary of the field of data science. According to Press, the term, data science, first appears in use in 1974. He concludes that data science is way of extracting insights from data using the powers of computer science and statistics applied to data from a specific field of study. Additionally, in our research, we found that, data science skills can be grouped into three skills areas: (1) Subject Matter Expertise, (2) Technology/Programming, (3) Statistics/Math. To improve your chances of finding insights from your Big Data projects, you’ll need to apply all three of these skills. But how do these skills contribute to our understanding of the phenomenon we are studying? We turn to the scientific method.”…

Link to Full Article: The 3 Essential Skill Areas of Data Science

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