The AIX Minecraft Project Makes Thinking Software Possible

Microsoft researchers set out to make a difference by trying to make a Minecraft character climb a virtual hill. It might sound as not that big a deal, but it is. The difference arises out of  trying to program it to learn, as opposed to programming it to accomplish specific tasks.  Until now a neural network has been supplied with millions of preclassified data sets in order to be taught how to do something, So called supervised learning resulted in networks only learning what we already knew how to do.  It’s at this point that AlphaGo Changed Everything. While IBM’s DeepBlue won against Kapsarov in the game of Chess by being programmed to play by searching ahead and evaluating moves, Google’s Deep Mind AlphaGo played by combining multiple levels of neural networks and…

Link to Full Article: The AIX Minecraft Project Makes Thinking Software Possible

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