The battle to control corporate networks

In 2003, a self-replicating sentient programme was causing mass mayhem. It rapidly and successfully overwrote core programmes within a global network and almost achieved complete control. This incident describes proceedings during the film ‘The Matrix Reloaded’. And while we are not yet seeing ‘Agent Smith’ levels of artificial intelligence or a post-apocalyptic future where machines rule humans, bots taking over networks are not a figment of reel-world imagination. Last December, ‘BlackEnergy’ malware targeted power companies in western Ukraine with great speed and precision, causing a blackout that affected more than 225,000 civilians. Before that, ‘BlackEnergy’ had overwritten file extensions within Ukrainian media companies, rendering their operating systems unbootable. In January this year, it was also detected on the IT network of Boryspil, Kiev’s main airport, which included air traffic control…

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