The Challenges Of Building AI Apps

Mike ChalfenCrunch Network Contributor Mike Chalfen is a co-founder and partner at Mosaic Ventures. How to join the networkArtificial intelligence (AI) has an intellectual lineage stretching back to the greats of computer theory: Turing and, ultimately, Babbage, inventor of the calculating machine. What we now see in London, where leading teams such as DeepMind are working on machine learning, is the movement from the realm of computer science to practical uses and business cases. It’s not just Google, which bought the DeepMind team last year, or Facebook, with a 50-person AI lab, that see the possibilities. Roughly one-sixth of YC companies seemed to be using machine learning in the most recent cohort, while IBM has bet billions on the success of Watson, its Jeopardy question-answering supercomputer. Thousands of companies are…

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