The coming Great Extinction – of jobs

Summary: News of the coming great extinction has the chattering classes agog with fear. But they’re (as usual) looking the wrong way. The rapid evolution of algorithms, software, and robots will make many kinds of jobs as extinct as the Great Auk. This will reshape the world into a wonderland — or unleash disastrous social turmoil. It’s up to us. The Great Auk, last seen 1852. Lots of jobs will go extinct, just as they did. Great auks by John James Audubon, from “The Birds of America”(1827). Yet another of these coordinated-looking propaganda barrages warn us of the danger. These are all from June 2015… WaPo: “Earth is on brink of a sixth mass extinction, scientists say, and it’s humans’ fault“. Newsweek: “Sixth Great Extinction Under Way, Scientists Say“. An…

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