The Data Science Process, Rediscovered

Previous post            Tweet Tags: CRISP-DM, Data Science, Methodology The Data Science Process is a relatively new framework for doing data science. It is compared to previous similar frameworks, and a discussion on process innovation versus repetition is then undertaken. By Matthew Mayo, KDnuggets. comments Last week, KDnuggets top tweet was a Quora answer to What is the work flow or process of a data scientist?. This answer, written by Ryan Fox Squire, a self-described “Neuroscientist Turned Data Scientist,” employed The Data Science Process as it described such a workflow. The Data Science Process The Data Science Process is a framework for approaching data science tasks, and is crafted by Joe Blitzstein and Hanspeter Pfister of Harvard’s CS 109. The goal of CS 109, as per Blitzstein himself,…

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