The dawn of the artificially intelligent lawyer

With the best human player of boardgame Go being defeated this month by Google software, lawyers shouldn’t make the mistake of believing their skills are beyond the reach of artificial intelligence (AI), write Stéphane Leriche and Michael Stojanovic. In early March, Google’s DeepMind and its AlphaGo software beat the best human player of the ancient Chinese board game, Go, in a series of much-hyped matches. AI-powered legal tools are already a reality, and the success of AlphaGo demonstrates that the technology to make these tools better now exists. IBM’s Watson cognitive computer won the TV game show Jeopardy! in 2011. Watson’s question-answering technology has since been adapted to produce ROSS, a legal research virtual assistant that its developers promote as a ‘super intelligent attorney’. While there may be an element of mere puffery about…

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